Menaggio, Lombardy, Italy

My family and I spent the last week on vacation by the beautiful Lake Como in northern Italy. We lived in the the very scenic little town of Menaggio, which is  located on the western shore of Lake Como at the mouth of the river Senagra. If you are looking for a place to recharge your batteries while at the same time enjoying the spectacular nature of Lake Como and The Alps, then Menaggio or some of the other beautiful and classic Italian villages like Bellagio or Varenna might just be the place for you.

All of the images shown has been shot with the Fujifilm X100s.

Menaggio, Fujifilm X100s

Menaggio, Fujifilm X100s, FOTO24 Starlight Preset

Lake Como

Lake Como, Fujifilm X100s, FOTO24 Starlight Preset

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